Smart thermostat starter pack (wireless) - Tybox 5100 pack

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Our smart thermostat starter packs are the perfect way to begin your smart home ecosystem, ensuring a balance between savings, comfort and convenience.


The smart thermostat starter pack (wireless) enables you to add some intelligence to any new or existing boiler. If you want to upgrade an existing Delta Dore wireless thermostat, simply replace your existing receiver & thermostat with the one in the pack.

Once connected to Tydom, the thermostat benefits from the ever expanding features of the Tydom app; including programming, remote control and voice control.

Alexa, Google "Turn the heating to 19 degrees"

If that was not enough, the smart thermostat starter pack is covered by our five year warranty.


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Tydom Home

Hub supplied with: 1 power cord and 1 RJ45 cable for connection to your internet router

Power supply: 230 V

14 languages available

Radio frequency: 868 MHz

Radio range: up to 300 metres in open field

Dimensions: H 100 x W 100 x D 30 mm

5 year warranty

Tybox 5101

Power supply type: Batteries

Batteries supplied: 2 Alkaline LR3

Battery Life: 3 years

Display type: LCD

Regulation: PI

Temperature range: 10 to 30 °C

Operating temperature: 0 to 40 °C

Dimensions: H 84 x L 80 x D 21 mm

5 year warranty

Receiver RF 6000

Power supply: 230 V

Operating temperature: -5 to 40 °C

Dimensions: H 140 x L 54 x D 25 mm

5 year warranty

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