Hot water receiver - Tyxia 6410

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Replace that programmer or timer sat in your airing cupboard with our connected hot water receiver.

Gone are the days of coming home from a long journey or a holiday away and having to wait for the hot water to get to the right temperature.

Make sure it is switched on and ready to go, exactly at the time you need it !

Alexa turn on the hot water

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Power supply: 230 V

Appliance class: Class II

Frequency: 868,7 - 869,2 MHz 

Range: 100 m

Maximum power: radio < 10 mW

Receiver category: 2

RF connections: 16 max.

Storage temperature: -10°C / +70°C

Operating temperature: -5°C / +40°C

IP rating: 44

Dimensions: 55 x 118 x 25 mm

Relay rating: 230 V ~ - 5 A

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