Connected lighting pack - Tyxia 611

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Our connected lighting packs are designed to tackle some of the everyday frustrations associated with light switches not being located in the most convenient place for the way in which you use the room.

With our wireless technology, you can easily add a switch to any room. No complex or disruptive rewiring or re-decorating required!

The Tyxia 611 is perfect it you don't want to go to the effort of matching your existing switches, instead we include 2 of our slim profile switches.

Connect your lighting to the Tydom app & control via voice, just add Tydom and a compatible voice assistant.

Alexa, Google "Turn on the living room lights"

Installation level :Competent DIYers
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Tyxia 5610 :

Power supply: 230 V~ 0.6 VA

Stand-by consumption: 0.06 W

Number of associated transmitters: 16 max. per channel

Storage temperature: -10°C/+70°C

Operating temperature: -10°C/+40°C

IP 40 (flush mounting box)

Dimensions: H 41 x W 36 x D 14.5 mm

X3D wireless remote control device: 868.7 MHz to 869.2 MHz

Maximum radio power < 10 mW

Receiver category: 2

5 year warranty

Tyxia 2310 :

Power supply type: Batteries

Batteries supplied: 1 x cr2430

Battery life: Up to 10 years

Wireless range: Up to 300 metres in open area

Dimensions: H 80 x W 80 x D 11 mm

5 year warranty

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