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Intuitive product selectors

Even with a basic understanding of what you have in your home, our product selectors will provide you with a smart home solution perfectly suited to the task.

Lighting selector

Movie night, dinner party or off on holiday. Imagination is the only limit to what you can acheive with Delta Dore lighting solutions.

Our product selector will help illuminate what is in your minds eye. Tell us what exists and we will recommend the smart solution needed...

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Camera Selector

The Tycam range of cameras can help protect the people and possessions that are most important to you, even if it is just to bring you peace of mind.

Based on your specific security camera needs our product selector will evaluate the Delta Dore solution that fits most appropriately to your request.

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Heating selector

You deserve a heating system that respects both comfort & energy savings, the Tybox range of thermostats delivers no matter what type of heating (or what size).

Make sure you know what heating system you have (or will have) and our product selector will evaluate the Delta Dore solution that fits most appropriately.

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Opening selector

Getting home and through the front door smoothly is sometimes easier said than done, especially when carrying the weekly shop

Give your self a break from the moment you hit the driveway. Our product selector will help you make the right choices for all your various openings.

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Metering Selector

The Tywatt range gives you the power to act on your energy use. With a real time view you will be able to balance the need for comfort with achieving any of your energy efficient goals.

Depending on the type of building and set up you have at home. We offer a number of different monitoring solutions to aid the fight for a greener future.

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