The beating heart of your smart home


Behind every great smart home is a hub!
Tydom is one of the most scalable and flexibile of them all...

Complete heating

Complete heating

Keep control over comfort and consumption, with complete solutions for heating and hot water.

Smart security

Monitor your home and receive remote alerts with our smart cameras & intruder alarm.

Adaptive lighting

Adaptive lighting

Never mistakenly leave a light on again. Easy-to-install solutions that don't require additional cables.

Motorisation re-imagined

Motorisation re-imagined

synchronise various openings such as garages, gates and blinds.

Open system

A wide range partners combined with zigbee integration, means tydom is your one app solution.

Intelligent accessories

Intelligent accessories

Control all of your solutions in a way that suits you and your home.

Do you have a Tydom 1.0?
Meet Tydom Home ...

Tydom home is our latest generation hub - and you can simply transfer your current installation on Tydom 1.0 to the Tydom home a new via the transefer function in the app

All you need is a tydom home

- Zigbee compatibility

- Easy bulb and plug compatibility

- More flexible routines

- Constantly evolving to bring new features, products & updates

Upgrade now

turn on the lights.

Control your home
by voice assistant

Delta Dore is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Any smart speaker featuring one of these assistants allows you to control your smart home with your voice.

Why choose a Smart Home ?

A single application to control everything


You can customise the application to suit to you.


Your data belongs to you, and is only accessible to partners you trust


Build your smart home step by step, safe in the knowledge that we will move with your needs


You can control your devices from photos of your home.


Ensure the devices you need most often are easily accessible


Routines allow you to control several devices, in a way that best suits you

Now more open than ever before

Thanks to Tydom home, you can now add bulbs and plugs to your Delta Dore installation or to any installations that are open and support zigbee 3.0.

In addition, smart bulbs and plugs from other brands such as Philips Hue & IKEA can also be added to Tydom, Simple…

Discover our compatible products

Works with Tydom

Tydom works with over 120 manufacturing partners across Europe, and counting.