Some ideas for a Smarter Home

Make the most of your smart home investment and ensure that your home works for you!

No limits! Let your imagination run free

Each smart home is truly unique and our wide range of solutions mean that we can really tailor to your wants and needs.
Let Delta Dore adapt to you and make life a little more comfortable.

Stay connected from anywhere

Keep an eye on the things that matter most, the Tycam smart camera includes incredible smart features with no subscription!

Find out about our Tycam smart cameras

Flexibility is key

When it comes to savings, time can be as valuable as money. The new Tylock smart lock provides the flexibility you need to not be locked to your home - but that's not all going key-less can do...

Find out about our Tylock smart lock

Add intelligence to your garage motors

Thanks to our 'works with Tydom' program, you can easily control the garage door & gate motors of major manufacturers such as Hörmann, similar capabilities are also offered via Novoferm & Sommer.

Find out about garage and gate compatibility

Simple steps to warm up to the smart home

Our thermostats are simple to use and are a great first step in balancing comfort with energy savings, it is easier than you think to make your first steps toward a more intelligent home.

Find out about our Tybox smart thermostats

Illuminated lighting solutions to enable a peaceful end to the day

Our smart lamp rocker switch has the answer to a myriad of day to day needs, including bringing harmony to the bedroom

Find out about our Tyxia 6610 smart rocker switch