Smart lamp rocker switch - Tyxia 6610

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The Tyxia 6610 smart lamp rocker switch is small but mighty; simply replace your existing rocker switch or install it in line with your existing switch.

When connected to the Tydom hub this unassuming product also acts as a great security deterrent when programmed with our astronomical feature, gone are the days of regimented mechanical timers.

With an abundance of control options, you can really ensure that your lighting works for you and your comfort.

Expand your system to all your lamps with multiple 6610s, with each benefiting from a 5 year warranty

Alexa, Google "Turn on the bedroom lights"

Installation level :Plug & PlayCompetent DIYers
Solution: Without Tydom gateway
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Phase / Neutral power supply via the cord 

868 MHz radio frequency 

Power output from 60 to 100 W depending on the type of lighting 

1 On / Off control channel 

Protection class: IP40 

Type of controlled loads: LED, compact fluorescent, eco halogen, incandescent 

Quick connect terminal blocks for easy installation 

Operating temperature: 0 ° to 35 ° C 

Maximum number of associated transmitters: 16 

Compatible with network mesh function 

Dimensions: H 76.5 x W 36.5 x D 27 mm 

5 year warranty

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