Delta Dore x Hörmann Series 3

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Harmonise your smart home by adding your Hörmann garage door or gate to the Delta Dore ecosystem. Simply add the Delta Dore x Hörmann module to one of the following compatible motors (series 3 only);

SupraMatic 3 & HT3 , LineaMatic, LineaMatic 2, RotaMatic, RotaMatic 2, VersaMatic.


Tydom 1.0 or Tydom 2.0 is also required.


Alexa 'close the garage door'

Installation level :Plug & Play
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Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth: 41mm x 36mm x 8mm

Wireless remote control device

X3D radio frequency: [868.7 – 869.2] MHz

Max wireless power < 10 mW - Category 2 receiver

Operating temperature: -20°C / +60°C

Consumption: 0.3W

This equipment is sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Class III insulation

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