Smart venetian blind receiver - Tyxia 5731

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The Tyxia 5731 allows you to wirelessly control your venetian blinds or awnings.

For app control it can be connected to Tydom, (opening, closing (to the nearest percentage) and control of the blade tilt) and can even be controlled via voice – Tydom, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant all sold separately.

Alexa, Google "adjust the blinds to 60% tilt"

Installation level :Competent DIYersInstaller needed
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Power supply: 230 V~ 0.6 VA
2 Powered contact outputs: 2A
Stand-by consumption: 0.06 W
Number of associated transmitters: 16 maximum
Storage temperature: -10°C/+70°C
Operating temperature: -10°C/+40°C
IP 40 (flush mounting box)
Dimensions: 41 x 36 x 14.5 mm
X3D wireless remote control device:
868.7 MHz to 869.2 MHz
Maximum radio power < 10 mW
Receiver category: 2
5 Year Warranty

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