Smart thermostat starter pack (wired) - Tybox 5000 pack

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Our smart thermostat starter pack is the perfect way to begin your smart home ecosystem, ensuring a balance between savings, comfort and convenience.

The smart thermostat starter pack (wired) enables you to take your existing mechanical thermostat off the wall and replace it directly with the wired Tybox 5000. Simple and smart; the removable wiring block means fitting the thermostat is quick and easy.

Once connected to Tydom, the thermostat benefits from the ever expanding features of the Tydom app; including programming, remote control and voice control.

Alexa, Google "Turn the heating to 19 degrees"

If that was not enough, the smart thermostat starter pack is covered by our five year warranty.

Installation level :Plug & PlayCompetent DIYers
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Tydom Home

Hub supplied with: 1 power cord and 1 RJ45 cable for connection to your internet router

Power supply: 230 V

14 languages available

Radio frequency: 868 MHz

Radio range: up to 300 metres in open field

Dimensions: H 100 x W 100 x D 30 mm

5 year warranty

Tybox 5000

Contact output 2A (230V)

Ball test: 125 ° C

Rated surge voltage: 4000V

Powered by 2 lithium batteries 1.5 V, LR03/AAA (supplied)

Class III installation

Radio frequency 868.7 MHz to 869.2 MHz

Maximum wireless power: <10 mW

Receiver category: 2

Wireless remote control device

Wireless range: 100 to 300 metres outside, variable depending on the associated
equipment (the range can vary depending on the installation conditions and the
electromagnetic environment)

Dimensions: 80 x 84 x 21 mm

Degree of protection: IP 20

Wall mounting

Storage temperature: -10 to +70°C

Operating temperature: 0 to +55°C

5 year warranty

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