5 Smart home tips for the festive season.

Check out our 5 tips for a beautiful (and bright) festive season!

TIP #1: Smarten up your christmas decorations ...and the way you light them!

Tired of (dis)connecting your Christmas lights every evening Make your lighting smart! Combined with a smart switch, your lights will take on new functionalities, such as remote control or the programming of scenarios!

In the majority of cases, there is no major work required to transform already existing lighting into smart lighting.

To make your Christmas tree really sparkle, simply transform your light garlands into smart lights by connecting them to the Tyxia 6610 switch.

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TIP#2: Keep and eye out for Santa...and your property

To make sure that you don't miss Father Christmas, our Tycam smart cameras monitor the interior and the areas surrounding your home, day and night. They enable the detection and immediate notification of any attempted intrusion, in the form of alerts (Father Christmas had better watch out!). Thanks to the immediate visualisation on your smartphone or tablet, it is easy to remove any doubt, or act accordingly. And of course, the personalisation of detection zones can be adapted to suit the needs of each home, to ensure respect for everyone's privacy.

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TIP#3: Get ready for the new year ...and the increased bills

On 1st January we wish everyone Happy New Year, this can often be followed by concern about electricity & gas bills...

The start of the year is often accompanied by a hike in the prices of electricity and gas. However, smart solutions can help to keep your consumption, and your bills, under control. In order to reduce your expenditure without even thinking about it, smart home solutions should be considered.

One of the first points of action is to ensure you have an up to date heating control. The Tybox 5000 smart thermostat can easily replace your existing thermostat to ensure you are getting the most out of your heating system.

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TIP#4: Watch Home Alone this Christmas...don't make it a reality.

We are all familiar with the last minute rush to pack and get out before everyone converges on Britain's roads at Christmas.

Don't let the rush get the better of you! Our Hormann smart garage door module will ensure that even if you have forgotten bring your son with you this Christmas- at least you will be sure the garage door is shut (even if you only remember to do it half way around the M25).

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TIP#5: Be sure to only let your loved ones in this Christmas....

Christmas is a magical time of year, Making important memories with family and giving gifts. It is also the time of year that burglaries become more prevalent. Ensure that only those with permission are entering your home by fitting a Tylock smart lock. You will be sure that only those with your blessing can enjoy the festivities.

Warning: not to be used to keep the in laws out ;-)

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