Delta Dore x Hörmann

The smart home is all about intelligently connecting elements of your home so that they work best for you.

Delta Dore believe that to achieve this we must work together, and so we have partnered with leading manufacturers to ensure that your smart home is well suited to your real home.

For Hörmann motorised garage doors, our collaboration enables you to control your series 3 garage door/gate motors via the Tydom application, giving you one simple application for your all your smart home needs.

So if you already have a Hörmann motor, Delta Dore products or you are just looking for right solution to start your smart home system, then we have the solution for you.


When used with the Tydom app, you open up a level of intelligence that puts you in complete control of your home.

Tydom is modular, and so you can add as little or as much as you want, when you want.

With quality solutions at the heart of our offer, We work with selected partners to ensure you have the ability to expand your system to suit you.

So whether you choose one of our market leading solutions, or from our industry partners such as Hörmann, Tydom has you covered.

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