Smart Lighting

Easy, bulbs & plugs

The NEW Easy Range from Delta Dore features a selection of smart bulbs and plugs that are simple to fit and to use

The Easy bulbs will give you a real sense of wellbeing: adjust the brightness, colour, create scearios and manage remotely

The Easy plug is the perfect partner for lamps, whether they are programmed for comfort or to simulate presence

...its easy with Easy

Easy, is easy to install

You dont need to be a DIY enthusiast to install easy products

Do you know how to screw in a bulb? Do you know how to plug in an adaptor? then you know how to install Easy

The Easy range works with the Tydom home hub or with other zigbee compatible hubs, of course it is also Alexa and Google compatible.

Tydom Home

Tydom home is the queen bee of your smart home, and is the brain behind the free Tydom application. Make life more simple (and fun) by setting your lighting based on the sunrise or sunset or create scenarios and moods that fit to your lifestlye

The Tydom home now also includes Zigbee, this means that it is also compatible with brands such as Philips Hue & IKEA - So dont worry you can add to your existing smart home with ease!

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