Individual home meter - Tywatt 5450

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The Tywatt 5450 for individual homes monitors your total electrical consumption. The product is to be fitted directly into the consumer unit, your consumption is displayed directly on the Tydom app.

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Modular unit

Power supply: 230V~2VA

Type 1 action

Rated impulse withstand voltage: 2500V

Ball test temperature:nCasing: 75°C

Terminal block: 100°C

Storage temperature: -10°C/+70°C

Operating temperature: 0°C/+ 55°C

IP 30

Dimensions: 1 module - H 18 x W 90 x D 71 mm

X3D wireless remote control device: 868.7 MHz to 869.2 MHz

Maximum wireless power < 10 mW

Category 2 receiver

Open loop current transformer

Dimensions: H 30 x W 46 x D 29 mm

Inner diameter: 16 mm

Primary current 60A max.

Secondary current: 120 mA

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