Smart plug with consumption monitoring - Easy Plug G13EM

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Add Easy Plug to your installation, the smart plug that tracks your consumption.

The Easy Plug is the ideal solution to :

  • measure the live consumption of your appliances
  • access to a weekly, monthly or yearly view of your consumption
  • act to save energy.


Connect a lamp or an electrical appliance to the Easy Plug, link it with your Tydom application.

You can also control your device directly from the plug, remotely from your smartphone, or by voice with your Google or Alexa voice assistant.


To use the Easy plugs you will need a Tydom Home (Pro, or compatible Zigbee 3.0 hub) - If you don't have Tydom Home, don't worry, If you don't have Tydom Home, don't worry - use our product selector to build the right smart lighting solution for your home.  


The Tydom Home hub will also allow you to connect other Zigbee 3.0 bulbs from brands such as Philips Hue & IKEA - So the smart home is now both Open & Scalable thanks to Delta Dore. 

Installation level :Plug & Play
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- Power supply: 100-240V~

- 50Hz/60Hz, 100mA
- Consumption on standby: <0.5W
- Type 1.B action
- Pollution level II
- Rated impulse withstand voltage:
2500 V
- Wireless range in open space:
up to 100 metres
- Operating temperature: -10°C
to +50°C
- Relative humidity: 95% Max.
- Connectivity: Zigbee
- Frequency used:
- Maximum wireless power 10 mW
- Measurements:
H. 79.6 x L. 67.9 x D. 72 mm
Maximum load: 13A - 3000 W

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