White and coloured smart light bulbs - Easy Bulbs

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Transform your traditional lighting into smart lighting.

Adjust the brightness, vary the atmosphere with colours, create routines with the Easy bulbs.

Simply screw a Delta Dore Easy Bulb in place of your traditional bulb and that's it.
Using your Tydom app or your Google or Alexa voice assistant, you can bring more colour to your everyday life.

With the Smart bulbs in our Easy range you can:

  • Manage all your smart lighting from your smartphone
  • Control your lighting in one sentence thanks to voice control
  • Change the mood of your rooms with the colour control
  • Program the operation of your lamps to adapt them to your rhythm


To use the smart bulbs you will need a Tydom Home (Pro, or compatible Zigbee 3.0 hub) - If you don't have Tydom Home, don't worry - use our product selector to build the right smart lighting solution for your home. 


The Tydom Home hub will also allow you to connect other Zigbee 3.0 bulbs from brands such as Philips Hue & IKEA - So the smart home is now both Open & Scalable thanks to Delta Dore. 

Installation level :Plug & Play
Style: E27 Format
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Electrical specifications :
- Rated volatage : 220 V - 240 V
- Network frequency : 50 Hz - 60 Hz
- Stand-by consumption : < 0.5 W
- Power consumption acccording
to version* :
Easy Bulb E27CW = 8.5 W
Easy Bulb E14CW = 4.8 W
Easy Bulb GU10CW = 4.8 W

- Room temperature
allowed : -20 °C to + 40 °C
- Connectivity : Zigbee 3.0
- Transmission frequency :
- Maximum wireless power 10 mW
- Wireless range : up to 30 m
depending on building materials.
Lighting specifications :
- Luminous flux depending on version* :
Easy Bulb E27CW = 806 lm
Easy Bulb E14CW = 470 lm
Easy Bulb GU10CW = 350 lm

- Colour temperature : 1800 - 6500 K

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