Simple smart thermostats

Make today the last day you ask yourself 'do i really want or need a smart home'. It is time to take the leap!

Start simple, The Tybox 5000 makes it exceptionally easy to replace that old, faded mechanical thermostat in your hallway (that has been ruining your decor for years)

With its removable wiring block, replacing your existing thermostat with the Tybox 5000 is as simple as wiring a plug. 

So if the numbers are so faded that you cannot read them, then it's time for an upgrade!

What do i need? Start with a smart thermostat starter pack (wired) - Tybox 5000 pack

Alternatively if you have the urge to go wireless then we have you covered. The tybox 5100 can be used with any boiler and can be easily installed by any plumber or our installation partners @ orderwork.

What do i need? Start with a smart thermostat starter pack (wireless) - Tybox 5100 pack. Add an installation for only £120.

Psst...all our heating solutions are also compatible with voice assistants (sold separately)


Forgotten to switch off the heating or heading home after a few days away, Tydom gives you easy access to your heating from anywhere. You can add unlimited Tydoms to one app, so if you are looking out for a loved one too, it is now easier than ever!

Hey Google, turn the thermostat to 19 degrees - bring a whole new dimension of comfort to your day with voice control.

Installation service

Delta Dore have teamed up with Orderwork to deliver quality smart home installations. An Orderwork installer will always fit, set up and demo your system to ensure you get the most out of your Delta Dore smart home.

Orderwork prides itself on its "right first time" guarantee and with over 1 million installations their commitment to delivering quality installations is relentless, but don't take our word for it, have a look for yourself.

Delta Dore x Orderwork