Smart blind receiver - Tyxia 5730

SKU: 6351402

The Tyxia 5730 allows you to wirelessly control your blinds/shutters or awnings.

You need one receiver per function.

For app control it can be connected and programmed by Tydom, and can even be controlled via voice – Tydom, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant all sold separately.

Alexa, Google "Close the bedroom blinds"

Installation level :Competent DIYersInstaller needed
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Power supply: 230 V~ 0.6 VA

2 powered contact outputs: TYXIA 5730 (2 A)

Stand-by consumption: 0.06 W

Number of associated transmitters: 16 maximum

Storage temperature: -10°C/+70°C

Operating temperature: -10°C/+40°C

IP 40 (flush mounting box)

Dimensions: H 41 x W 36 x D 14.5 mm

X3D wireless remote control device: 868.7 MHz to 869.2 MHz

Maximum radio power < 10 mW

Receiver category: 2

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